Who are we?

No, we aren’t a fictional character. We are (very much) real. If you don’t believe that, pinch us. Actually no! (Who likes pain). Okay, now that you know that we are real (or at least partly convinced), let us tell you who are we. We are a crazy crew with a taste in all things lifestyle. That includes fashion, travel, food and (yeah, Netflix recommendations too). Think of us as your virtual mains or 101 guides on topics you have no or little clue about. We want our readers (that is you) to be a better version of themselves and also help us grow in the process. Learning is circular, right? On that note, let us learn from each other, our quirks. Let us discover new brands, interesting products, try some fancy and not-so-fancy food. Let’s wander to places nearby and far away. Let us bitch, laugh, gossip, share a secret or maybe two. Let’s be pals!

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